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Thank you for sharing with AVI Foodsystems!

AVI is proud to do our part in promoting environmental sustainability. Thank you to those who submitted your earth-friendly idea. Each contributor is receiving a tree from the Arbor Day foundation!

We can all be inspired by some of the great ideas shared:

Host clothing swaps with friends to promote recycling outfits and decrease buying new clothes - Hannah in Orlando

Collect acorns and tree seeds when walking and nurture them over the winter. In the Spring, they'll be ready for planting. Pass them to friends, family and co-workers - Wendy in Lyndhurst

Use melamine plates, bowls and cups in the backyard instead of paper plates for the summer. They are easy to wash and re-use - Cheryl in Colorado Springs

The earth, like our bodies can actually heal itself. It is wonderfully made. The earth was prepared for indefinite human habitation so never discard trash on the floor, road, out the window, or any other place - Desiree in Garfield Heights

Compost your coffee grinds, eggshells and vegetable clippings into the garden to help enrich the soil and grow stronger healthier plants - Dianna in Cortland

Use reusable shopping bags at the grocery store and carry a reusable bag when shopping at the mall and use it instead of their store bags - Carole in Riverview

Offer to pick up recycling for a family member or friend who wouldn't recycle otherwise - Rosanne in Wickliffe

Plant bee friendly and drought resistant bushes and flowers in the yard. Bees are so good for our environment and because I live in California where there is a lack of water, the drought resistant plants help save water! - Jennifer in Rancho Cordova

BYOC - Bring Your Own Containers. Bring reusable containers with lids to restaurants when dining out. Instead of using Styrofoam or paper containers used by the restaurants, take your leftovers in your own containers - Yan in Cleveland Heights

Use email instead of paper. Use the double sided feature on the copier whenever possible - Fela in Austin

Start your own vegetable garden with the kids. Plant cucumbers, tomatoes, thyme and more. It's a great way to save money and eat healthy - Deandria in Brandon


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